I. What You Should Know About Home Care in Albany, NY

Situated along the Hudson River, New York state’s capital Albany ranks as one of the nation’s best places to retire. The city has a population of over 96,000 residents, and 12.9% of them are ages 65 and older. This senior demographic is expected to grow at a rate of 11% over the next 30 years.

Albany, Troy and Schenectady make up the Tri-City Area, a bustling metropolitan region with an eclectic, 19th-century appeal. Iconic landmarks such as The Egg, Empire State Plaza, and Palace Theatre are a sampling of the diverse architecture and cultural opportunities in store for those in their golden years. Downtown’s 89-acre Washington Park is a green space that’s a venue for festivals and entertainment during every season.

Winters are typically brisk in Albany, but seniors can enjoy pleasant summers and low levels of rainfall throughout the year. Retirement income here can go further, thanks to New York state’s favorable tax treatment. Additionally, older residents have access to award-winning health care facilities including St. Peter’s Hospital – Albany and Albany Medical Center.

II. What You Should Expect to Pay for Home Care in Albany, NY

According to Genworth Financial’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey, home care and home health care in Albany have average costs of $5,148 and $5,196, respectively. Your actual cost may vary depending on each provider’s location and the specific services they offer.

The Genworth survey’s figures are based on 44 hours of care per week. You can project your monthly cost according to the number of hours of care you might need each week. Home care will cost an average of $27.00 per hour, and home health care will cost an average of $27.25 per hour in Albany.

The Cost of Home Care & Home Health Care in Nearby Cities

Albany’s average prices for home care and home health care exceed what seniors pay in the Utica area and Kingston. In Utica, the median monthly rates are $4,648 for home care and $4,957 for home health care. Kingston residents pay an average of $4,385 for both services. In Glen Falls, home care providers charge $4,910. However, home health care services in Glen Falls come at a monthly average of $5,243, which is slightly higher than rates in Albany.

The Cost of Home Care Compared to Other Senior Living Options

In Albany, the average rates for home care and home health care fall in the midrange of costs for other types of senior care. Adult day care is the least expensive choice at $1,544 per month, less than half the cost of home care or home health care. Assisted living is $350 to $400 less than home care at $4,800 per month. Nursing home care is the costliest type of care, with a monthly average of $12,973 for a semiprivate room, more than double the cost of home care or home health care.

III. How to Find Home Care in Albany, NY

Finding a home care provider for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we explain the process of how to find a home care provider in 5 simple steps. Use the infographic below to help guide your search for in-home care in Albany, NY.

An infographic giving steps to finding a home care provider

Remember that there’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice – it comes down to choosing a provider that you feel comfortable with and who’s capable of meeting your specific needs. No matter which provider you choose, you should always have a formal arrangement with your expectations and the payment rate in writing. Doing so will prevent confusion or potential disagreements down the line so that the focus remains on helping the person receiving care.

IV. Home Care Resources for Seniors in Albany, NY


What You Should Know
LifePath Supportive Services for Older Adults offers a broad range of programs and resources to help keep local seniors independent, healthy and connected to the community. This agency hosts educational classes on health and wellness, money management and cultural topics. The Health Insurance Information Counseling and Assistance Program (HIICAP) gives unbiased advice and assistance with Medicare plans and supplemental benefits. LifePath also arranges caregiver support as well as congregate and home-delivered meals for short- or long-term support.

Who Is Eligible?
LifePath’s educational classes, information services and community dining are available for seniors 60 and older. You are welcome, but not required, to make a donation for your community dining meals. To receive Meals on Wheels, you must also be at least 60, homebound and unable to obtain healthy meals on your own. Meals on Demand, which is available for adults of any age, charges $8 per meal per day for hot meals and an additional cold or frozen meal.

How to Get Started
For further details about LifePath, you can reach the office by phone at (518) 485-3322 or by email at [email protected]. If the office is open, you can visit at 28 Colvin Avenue, Suite, Albany, NY 12206. Caregivers can call (518) 694-3511 for questions or support.

Albany County Department for Aging

What You Should Know
The Albany County Department for Aging is the county’s NY Connects point of contact and Area Agency on Aging. This agency helps seniors access coordinated services designed to enhance the aging experience at home. Support services include information and assistance, HIICAP counseling, in-home health services, congregate and home-delivered meals, and caregiver support. You can also find volunteer opportunities here.

Who Is Eligible?
You must be at least 60 years of age to qualify for the Department for Aging’s services.

How to Get Started
If you have questions about what the Albany County Department for Aging has to offer, contact them by phone at (518) 447-7198 or by email at [email protected]. Their office is located at 162 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor, Albany, NY 12210. You can also call Albany County NY Connects at (518) 447-7177.

Community Caregivers

What You Should Know
As part of the Village-to-Village Network, Community Caregivers is a nonprofit that offers free nonmedical services to people of all ages. It helps older residents delay or avoid out-of-home placement and supports family caregivers. This organization offers friendly calls and visits, light housework, meal preparation, transportation, shopping and assistance with paperwork. It can also refer clients to other agencies for more suitable care.

Who Is Eligible?
Community Caregivers requires that you live within its service area. When you call to request service, the staff ask about your living situation, age, chronic illnesses and other relevant information. An Intake Coordinator will assess your need and determine your eligibility during a home visit.

How to Get Started
To connect with Community Caregivers or make a referral, you can call their office at (518) 456-2898 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact the organization at 2021 Western Avenue, Suite 104, Albany, NY 12203.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

What You Should Know
HEAP sends direct payments to energy or fuel vendors to help low-income individuals pay for heating expenses. This program may be able to provide one-time funding for electricity, natural gas, coal, oil, propane, kerosene, wood and corn fuel sources. Emergency HEAP gives crisis financial relief for households dealing with a utility shutoff, lack of fuel or heating equipment that’s unsafe or not working.

If you qualify, you can also receive Clean and Tune Benefits that cover chimney cleaning, cleaning and minor repair of primary heating equipment, and installation of carbon monoxide detectors and thermostats. Additionally, a Cooling Assistance Benefit is available to buy and install an air conditioner or fan.

Who Is Eligible?
Your eligibility and benefits are based on your income, household size, primary heating source and whether a household member is a child or senior or has a permanent disability. Your household’s gross monthly income must be within the program’s guidelines, or you must be receiving SNAP, Family Assistance, Safety Net Assistance or Code A Supplemental Security Income.

How to Get Started
You can apply online, by mail, or in person. To find the best location for you, you can call the county’s HEAP line at (518) 447-7323 or email the office at [email protected].

Home & Improvement Programs

What You Should Know
The Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) administers several programs to reduce health and safety hazards in homes throughout the city. Albany ACCESS can assist with the cost of home safety modifications, such as wheelchair ramps, roll-in showers and smart appliances for individuals with disabilities. The Homeowner Assistance Program (HOAP) helps fund home improvements including window and door replacements, roof work and furnace repair.

ACDA’s Senior Rehabilitation Program (SRP) provides grants of up to $5,000 for repairs to senior-owned residences. Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Assistance is included with SRP. The Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RAP) also issues grants of up to $5,000 for emergency repairs. RAP II provides grants of up to $5,000 for homeowners above the income levels for RAP.

Who Is Eligible?
Each ACDA program has income guidelines. Homeowners and renters can apply for some benefits, but SRP recipients must be homeowners aged 62 or older.

How to Get Started
For more information about ACDA’s programs or to apply, call (518) 434-5265. You can also reach out to the agency at the City Hall, 24 Eagle Street, Albany, NY 12207.