I. What You Should Know About Home Care in Dayton, OH

As the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Ohio, Dayton is a bustling city that’s home to just over 140,000 residents. About 12.7% of Daytonians are seniors aged 65 and older, and there are plenty of amenities and attractions for area retirees to enjoy.

History buffs can explore dozens of museums, including the National Museum of the United States Air Force where admission is free, and America’s Packard Museum, home to the world’s largest collection of Packard automobiles. Dayton’s Recreation and Youth Services department offers a wide range of free and low-cost programs, including group fitness classes, euchre tournaments and health screening clinics, and the city owns a beautiful 36-hole golf course that hosts a number of senior’s golf leagues.

If you enjoy shopping, you’ll find plenty of deals at the Dayton Mall, while downtown Dayton is filled with unique boutiques, artisan studios and independently owned restaurants. During the holiday season, the city is transformed with millions of festive lights and award-winning gingerbread house displays, and Santa’s reindeer even drop by for a visit at Courthouse Square.

II. What You Should Expect to Pay for Home Care in Dayton, OH

Genworth Financial’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey shows that on average, Dayton seniors pay $4,763 per month for home care, and $4,767 for home health care. The slight discrepancy in pricing reflects that home health care includes some skilled nursing services, such as diabetes management and monitoring of vital signs, in addition to the homemaker services included with home care.

The costs listed in the Genworth Survey are based on 44 hours of care per week, which works out to $24.98 and $25 per hour, respectively, for home care and home health care. If you don’t need assistance every day, you can estimate your care costs by multiplying the appropriate average rate by the number of hours of service you require.

The Cost of Home Care & Home Health Care in Nearby Cities

Dayton’s average in-home care costs of $4,763 and $4,767 are similar to rates in nearby Cincinnati, where seniors pay an average of $4,767 per month for home care and $4,862 for home health care. Rates are also nearly identical in Springfield, where either type of care costs around $4,767 per month. Rates are slightly lower in Columbus at $4,576 per month for either type of service.

The Cost of Home Care Compared to Other Senior Living Options

Home care and home health care are among the most affordable senior care options in Dayton at $4,763 and $4,767 per month, respectively. Assisted living, which includes room and board in a nonmedical setting, runs about $5,245 per month. Around-the-clock skilled nursing care in a specialized institutional setting is the costliest type of senior care at $8,699 per month. The local cost of adult day care isn’t listed, but based on Ohio’s statewide average of $1,300, it’s likely the least expensive senior care option in Dayton.

III. How to Find Home Care in Dayton, OH

Finding a home care provider for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we explain the process of how to find a home care provider in 5 simple steps. Use the infographic below to help guide your search for in-home care in Dayton, OH.

An infographic giving steps to finding a home care provider

Remember that there’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice – it comes down to choosing a provider that you feel comfortable with and who’s capable of meeting your specific needs. No matter which provider you choose, you should always have a formal arrangement with your expectations and the payment rate in writing. Doing so will prevent confusion or potential disagreements down the line so that the focus remains on helping the person receiving care.

IV. Home Care Resources for Seniors in Dayton, OH

Meals on Wheels/Senior’s Best Friend

Meals on Wheels is a low-cost daily meal delivery service that can help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The menu rotates every 9 weeks, and frozen meals are available to carry you through weekends and holidays. A volunteer driver will bring you a freshly prepared hot meal at noontime each weekday, and they’ll also take a moment to check in on you and see if you need anything else.

Along with delivering prepared meals, Meals on Wheels also operates Senior’s Best Friend, a supplemental pet food program. If you’re a pet parent who’s a client of Meals on Wheels, and you need help caring for your companion animal, you can sign up to receive regular pet food and cat litter deliveries.

Who Is Eligible?
Seniors aged 60 and older who are housebound on a temporary or permanent basis, as well as adults living with a disability, can sign up for Meals on Wheels and the Senior’s Best Friend programs. You don’t need to provide any financial information unless you’re requesting free or subsidized meals. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to help cover your meal costs on a per-meal basis.

How to Get Started
To learn more about Meals on Wheels and the Senior’s Best Friend programs, call (937) 228-3663.

Case Management Services

Case Management Services is a program designed to help older adults continue living safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Professional case managers can meet with you in your home to assess your living situation and identify what services and supports you need to avoid placement in a residential facility.

Once you’ve discussed your needs, your case manager will help you apply for available government benefits programs, such as prescription medication subsidies, food stamps and property tax exemptions. They’ll also arrange in-home care services, and oversee your home care providers. If you have out-of-town relatives who you want to involve in your care, the case manager will keep in touch with your family members as well.

Who Is Eligible?
Case Management Services are available to any senior aged 60 and older living in Montgomery County.

How to Get Started
To learn more about the available services, call the Senior Resource Connection’s Senior Services department at (937) 223-8246.

RTA Paratransit Service

The RTA’s paratransit program is Dayton’s ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible public transit service. Paratransit services are available to riders of all ages who have difficulty using the regular fixed-route bus system due to a permanent or temporary disability, and who successfully complete the free certification assessment through the RTA Certification Center.

Once approved as a paratransit rider, you can schedule rides at least 24 hours in advance through the reservation center. The service operates 7 days a week, 22 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service area includes all of Dayton and Montgomery County, as well as within 3/4 of a mile of all regular bus routes that extend beyond county lines.

Who Is Eligible?
If you struggle to use the regular bus system because you have difficulty reaching the nearest bus stop, or you’re unable to get on and off a bus without assistance, you may qualify to use the paratransit service.

How to Get Started
To schedule a free assessment for the paratransit program at the RTA Certification Center, call RTA’s customer service line at (937) 425-8300.

Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission

Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission works to ensure that local veterans and their family members receive their maximum entitlements through all county, state and federal benefit programs.

Veteran service officers can help seniors with VA benefit applications and appeals, the Ohio Veterans bonus program and VA burial benefits. The Commission also arranges free transportation for vets to and from VA medical clinics and hospitals.

Who Is Eligible?
If you’re a veteran, dependent or survivor, you’re eligible for free services through the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission.

How to Get Started
To contact the Commission, call (937) 225-4801.

Chore Services

Maintaining a home can be challenging, and that’s especially true for seniors. Chore Services is a program that helps older adults with heavy-duty housework, trash disposal, pest control and unwanted furniture disposal, with the goal of reducing fire and tripping hazards within seniors’ homes.

In addition to cleaning, the program is available to seniors who need help installing grab bars and other safety devices in their homes.

Who Is Eligible?
Any senior living in Montgomery County who needs assistance with decluttering, deep cleaning and pest control can apply to the Chore Services program. You can also ask for help with small home maintenance tasks, such as repairing a leaky toilet or replacing burned-out light bulbs that you can’t safely reach.

How to Get Started
To learn more about Chore Services, call (937) 223-8246, extension 212.