I. What You Should Know About Home Care in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Perched on the Pacific coast, Rancho Palos Verde is an ideal retirement destination due to its year-round pleasant weather, plentiful sunshine and spectacular ocean vistas. It’s often named as one of Los Angeles County’s top suburbs, offering both seclusion from and proximity to the big city lifestyle. Seniors make up 25.5% of the city’s population of 41,530.

In Rancho Palos Verde, you have access to abundant cultural and recreational opportunities. The landmarks Wayfarers Chapel and Point Vicente Lighthouse offer dramatic glimpses into the past, and almost 90 golf courses in or near the city welcome you to enjoy time on the green with family and friends. Picturesque parks and trails invite you to explore the area’s beautiful natural diversity.

At the Deane Dana Friendship Natural Area, located in Angels Gate Park, incredible panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and San Catalina Island await you. Multiple retail centers open their doors to a wide range of popular and upscale boutique shopping experiences as well.

II. What You Should Expect to Pay for Home Care in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

According to the Genworth Financial 2020 Cost of Care Survey, the median cost of home care in Rancho Palos Verde is $5,434 per month, while the median cost of home health care services is $5,529 per month. Home health care often costs more than home care because of the additional skilled medical services rendered.

Genworth calculates the median monthly cost of home care based on 44 hours of care per week. However, your actual monthly cost may vary depending on how many hours of care you require each week. Based on this figure, you can expect to pay an approximate hourly rate of $24.70 for home care and $25.13 for home health care services in Rancho Palos Verde.

The Cost of Home Care & Home Health Care in Nearby Cities

In Rancho Palos Verde, you’re likely to pay more for home care and home health care than seniors in southern California neighbors Oxnard and Bakersfield. In Oxnard, the median cost for both services is $5,339. In Bakersfield, seniors pay $5,077 for home care and $5,125 for home health care. However, in the Santa Maria area, home care and home health care services both cost $6,101, significantly more than in Rancho Palos Verde.

Note: Data for Rancho Palos Verde was unavailable, so data for the nearest city, Los Angeles, was used instead.

The Cost of Home Care Compared to Other Senior Living Options

Compared to other types of senior care in Rancho Palos Verde, the monthly costs of home care and home health care are mid-range. Adult day care is the most affordable option at $1,647 per month. The most expensive option, nursing home care, costs almost $3,000 more than home care at $8,060 per month. Assisted living costs slightly less than home care in this area, with a median cost of $5,000 per month.

III. How to Find Home Care in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Finding a home care provider for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we explain the process of how to find a home care provider in 5 simple steps. Use the infographic below to help guide your search for in-home care in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

An infographic giving steps to finding a home care provider

Remember that there’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice – it comes down to choosing a provider that you feel comfortable with and who’s capable of meeting your specific needs. No matter which provider you choose, you should always have a formal arrangement with your expectations and the payment rate in writing. Doing so will prevent confusion or potential disagreements down the line so that the focus remains on helping the person receiving care.

IV. Home Care Resources for Seniors in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

What You Should Know
The PACE program is a comprehensive, customized health care delivery system that coordinates preventative, primary, acute and long-term care services for elderly individuals who would otherwise need to live in a nursing home. It is designed to help you remain safe and independent in your chosen community for as long as possible. Services include home care, medical equipment, nursing care and prescriptions. The program also provides nonmedical supports such as personal care assistance, light housekeeping, transportation and meal delivery.

When you apply, an enrollment specialist will schedule an in-home appointment with you to discuss the program’s features and screen you for eligibility. Upon enrolling, you’ll also complete a personal assessment that helps the PACE interdisciplinary team develop your individualized plan. PACE plans in Los Angeles County include AltaMed Senior Buena Care and Brandman Centers for Senior Care, LA Coast and Pacific.

Who Is Eligible?
To qualify for a PACE plan, you must:

  • Be 55 years or older
  • Reside in a service area
  • Be determined eligible for nursing home level of care
  • Be able to live safely in your home

How to Get Started
For further details on the PACE program, call the Integrated Systems of Care Division at (916) 552-9105.

Dial-A-Ride & Dial-A-Lift

What You Should Know
The Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Authority operates the Dial-A-Ride and Dial-A-Lift Programs, which offer taxi cab and ramp van transportation services to passengers on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and surrounding areas. Dial-A-Ride is available 24/7, and Dial-A-Lift wheelchair service runs from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. You can get a ride for any purpose on the Palos Verdes Peninsula; trips to other areas are available for medical purposes only.

Participants must register with the Transit Authority before using the services. The annual cost is $10, and escorts and caretakers can ride for free. If you use a wheelchair, you’ll need to call at least 24 hours in advance to request service.

Who Is Eligible?
You can use the service if you’re a Palos Verdes Peninsula resident age 60 or older, or if you’re disabled.

How to Get Started
You can register for the Dial-A-Ride or Dial-A-Lift program at the PVPTA office or by mail at 38 Crest Rd. West, Rolling Hills, CA 90274. Call (310) 544-7108 for more information.

24/7 Emergency Taxi Service

What You Should Know
The Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Authority also offers a free emergency taxi service for area seniors and individuals with disabilities in need of transportation. You can ride anywhere on the Peninsula for any purpose at any time, but trips outside of the Peninsula must be for medical purposes.

Who Is Eligible?
Seniors ages 62 and older and people with disabilities living in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area who are not members of the Dial-A-Ride/Dial-A-Lift program are eligible for this service.

How to Get Started
To schedule a ride, contact PVP Transit at (310) 965-5831 and reference account #12552.

Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels

What You Should Know
Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels brings fresh, nutritious meals to homebound citizens on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and in nearby cities. The agency delivers on weekdays around noon, except on certain holidays. This service includes a friendly visit and a safety check as well. Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels can often accommodate special dietary requests for certain medical conditions.

The cost for two meals is $7 per day, billed monthly in advance and payable by cash or check.

Who Is Eligible?
Although Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels has no age restrictions, you must meet these criteria to qualify:

  • Homebound and unable to get to a source of food
  • Unable to prepare meals for yourself due to physical limitations or frailty
  • Living alone, or with someone who cannot prepare your food
  • Residing within the service area

Once you can prepare your own food or receive other assistance, you’ll be taken off the program.

How to Get Started
For more details or to sign up, call the Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels office at (310) 542-3434 or send an email to [email protected].

Helping the Elderly Live Productively (H.E.L.P.)

What You Should Know
H.E.L.P. is a Torrance-based nonprofit that can help you find education, referrals and counseling in Rancho Palos Verde and nearby communities. These free services provide you with access to health care, food, financial planning and cognitive support, in addition to help dealing with substance misuse, elder abuse and scams targeting senior citizens. Through telephone and walk-in services, community classes, consultations and educational websites, the highly trained staff and professional volunteers provide unbiased information regarding local and government programs. The agency also collaborates with local meal programs to support weekly meal delivery for homebound seniors. H.E.L.P. publishes several magazines and booklets that address common aging issues.

Who Is Eligible?
H.E.L.P. doesn’t impose any age, income or other restrictions for using its free referral services and educational resources.

How to Get Started
Call H.E.L.P. at (310) 533-1996 to ask for a private consultation or get more information.