I. What You Should Know About Home Care in Hayward, CA

As part of the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayward offers residents attractive waterfront views, yearlong comfortable weather and access to some of the best medical facilities in California. The city puts residents close to St. Rose Hospital and Kaiser Permanente Hayward-Sleepy Hollow, as well as many other clinics providing geriatrics and specialty care. Hayward is an excellent retirement option for active seniors, too. It’s located next to several regional parks, fishing spots and golf courses, giving residents plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Seniors have ample opportunities to socialize in Hayward. The city is home to 162,954 people, and more than 12% of them are aged 65 and up.

Thanks to the Hayward Operated Paratransit program, seniors can get around the city even if they don’t drive themselves. This program provides door-to-door transportation to help residents visit Hayward’s many restaurants, local attractions and stores. This is just one of several senior-friendly services Hayward offers, making the city a great choice for older adults who want to live at home.

II. What You Should Expect to Pay for Home Care in Hayward, CA

Both home care and home health care cost an average of $6,101 per month in Hayward, according to the Genworth 2020 Cost of Care Survey. Some home health care providers may charge more than this because home health care includes medical services, such as skilled nursing and wound care, that regular home care doesn’t.

These figures are based on Genworth’s average cost for 44 hours of care per week. Rates may be higher or lower depending on how many hours of weekly care are needed. Breaking it down further, seniors can expect to pay an average of $32 per hour for home care or home health care.

The Cost of Home Care & Home Health Care in Nearby Cities

In Hayward, home care and home health care are almost $600 more than California’s average of $5,529 for both. Those costs are also higher than the U.S. average of $4,481 for home care and $4,576 for home health care. Care is more expensive in Santa Cruz, where both services cost an average of $6,292. Both cost $5,863 to the northeast in Sacramento. Modesto has some of the lowest prices in this area, with both types of care costing just $5,148 per month.

The Cost of Home Care Compared to Other Senior Living Options

Hayward’s seniors have other options to consider for their long-term care. Assisted living prices average $6,101—the same as home care and home health care. Adult day care is usually the most budget-friendly choice. Seniors in Hayward can expect to pay about $1,950 per month. Nursing homes generally cost the most, with a semiprivate room priced at an average of $12,471.

Note: Data for Hayward was unavailable, so data for the nearest city, San Francisco, was used instead.

III. How to Find Home Care in Hayward, CA

Finding a home care provider for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we explain the process of how to find a home care provider in 5 simple steps. Use the infographic below to help guide your search for in-home care in Hayward, CA.

An infographic giving steps to finding a home care provider

Remember that there’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice – it comes down to choosing a provider that you feel comfortable with and who’s capable of meeting your specific needs. No matter which provider you choose, you should always have a formal arrangement with your expectations and the payment rate in writing. Doing so will prevent confusion or potential disagreements down the line so that the focus remains on helping the person receiving care.

IV. Home Care Resources for Seniors in Hayward, CA

SOS Meals on Wheels

What You Should Know
This nonprofit organization delivers freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals to seniors who can no longer cook for themselves or leave home to obtain food on their own. All meals are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium to meet the special dietary needs of older adults. Vegetarian options are also available. Volunteers also provide friendly social visits and wellness checks to make sure seniors are safe at home.

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday. The organization suggests a contribution of $3.50 per meal, but no one is turned away based on their ability to pay.

Who Is Eligible?
The program is open to Hayward residents who are at least 60 years old, homebound and who do not receive regular help from a reliable caregiver. Meals on Wheels prioritizes frail and very low-income seniors who are most in need of assistance.

How to Get Started
Call (510) 582-1263 to learn more about meal delivery and request an initial intake screening over the phone.

Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

What You Should Know
PACE is a federally and state-funded program that provides services and supports to help seniors stay out of long-term care as long as possible. Program participants receive care from an interdisciplinary team of home care givers, nurses, therapists, social workers and transportation representatives. Services provided include assistance with daily living activities, light housekeeping, rehabilitative therapies, skilled nursing and other medical services. Seniors are required to use only PACE health care providers and are not eligible to keep their own doctor.

Who is Eligible?
To qualify, applicants must be at least 55 years old and able to live safely in their community with assistance. Seniors must also meet the level of care requirements set by the California Department of Health Care Services. Residents who have Medi-Cal are automatically eligible for PACE.

How to Get Started
There are several PACE providers serving Hayward and the surrounding area, so visit the CalPACE website and enter your home ZIP code to find a provider near you. After contacting the provider, you can set up a home visit and assessment with an interdisciplinary team to determine a care plan that works for you.

Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Program

What You Should Know
Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley provides funding and home repair assistance to fix issues that directly impact a senior’s safety, health and quality of life. Seniors can request repairs to HVAC systems, structural damages, plumbing and electrical systems. Habitat for Humanity also performs accessibility modifications, such as wheelchair ramps, handrails and shower grab bars, that can make it easier for seniors to get around in their home.

Who is Eligible?
The program is open to homeowners of any age who meet Habitat for Humanity’s financial eligibility requirements. To qualify, your household income must be at or below 80% of Alameda County’s Area Median Income (AMI).

How to Get Started
Contact Habitat for Humanity at (510) 803-3388 or [email protected] to submit a request for service. You must provide income documentation, proof of residency, a copy of certificate of title and a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Homeowner’s Property Tax Exemption

What You Should Know
Alameda County offers a reduction of up to $7,000 on the full cash value of a homeowner’s primary residence, which can lower the amount seniors have to pay for property taxes. Once you’ve filed and received this exemption, you will continue to receive it every year as long as you occupy the residence where the exemption was claimed.

Hayward also offers seniors an annual special tax rate on their primary residence. Veterans who received an honorable discharge, including people who became disabled due to military service, may be eligible for an additional exemption.

Who is Eligible?
Each exemption has different eligibility requirements. In most cases, you must own your home and live there as your primary residence. The senior tax exemption is open to Hayward residents 65 and up.

How to Get Started
Call the Alameda County Assessor’s Office at (510) 272-3787 with questions about these exemptions. To apply, submit your application, along with required documentation, to the Assessor’s Office.

Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

What You Should Know
Administered by Spectrum Community Services, this program provides free home modifications that can lower seniors’ utility bills by making their residence more energy-efficient. The organization can repair or replace kitchen appliances, water heaters, HVAC systems, windows and doors. Technicians may also install low-flow shower heads, weather stripping, insulation, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

Who is Eligible?
Your household must meet Spectrum’s financial eligibility requirements to receive free services. Spectrum prioritizes households with disabled residents and people aged 60 and up.

How to Get Started
Print, complete and submit your application to Spectrum Community Services. To find out more about the program, call (510) 881-0300, extension 272.