I. What You Should Know About Home Care in Sacramento,‌ ‌CA‌ ‌

In Sacramento, May, September and October are the most pleasant months, but the city’s mild winters also present lots of recreation opportunities, and its central location in Northern California makes it easy to get to San Francisco or to Lake Tahoe. Nearby Folsom Lake is a perfect place for seniors to swim or sunbathe. There are many parks located around the city including Land Park located downtown and Old Sacramento Historic State Park. Seniors can also visit the California State Railway Museum or the city’s other exciting attractions.

Sacramento does have a higher cost of living than the national average, although it’s lower than the state of California’s, and residents of Sacramento can apply for California’s Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief Program. Despite the high cost of living, the overall cost of health care in Sacramento is lower than the national average, which may appeal to adults who aim to retire here. The number of seniors aged 65 and older is somewhat lower than the national average, with 13.1% of those living in the Sacramento area belonging to this group, while the national average is 16.5%.

II. What You Should Expect to Pay for Home Care in Sacramento,‌ ‌CA‌ ‌

Overall, the cost of both types of home care in Sacramento, CA are considerably higher than the national average. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey places both homemaker and home health aide services in Sacramento at $5,863 a month. National averages for homemaker services are $4,481 a month while a home health aide typically costs $4,576 a month.

Since it first began conducting the survey 17 years ago, Genworth has estimated costs for homemaker care and home health aide care based on a 44-hour week. The hourly cost for homemaker and home health aide services in Sacramento is $30.75 an hour. Nationally, the costs for homemaker services are $23.50 an hour, while a home health aide runs $24 an hour.

The Cost of Home Care & Home Health Care in Nearby Cities

Sacramento home care costs fall in the middle of the range of home care costs in Northern California. In San Francisco, both homemaker and home health aide services cost $6,101 a month and $32 an hour. In nearby Stockton, homemaker services and home health care share similar costs of $5,243 a month and $27.50 an hour. Costs in Santa Rosa are like those in San Francisco, with homemaker services and a home health aide both costing $6,101 monthly and $32 an hour.

The Cost of Home Care Compared to Other Senior Living Options

Home care is only one senior living option for seniors in Sacramento. Others include staying in an assisted living facility, which costs $5,395 a month. The lowest cost option is adult daycare at $1,918 a month, while the most expensive is nursing care in a semiprivate room at $9,946 a month.

III. How to Find Home Care in Sacramento,‌ ‌CA‌ ‌

Finding a home care provider for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we explain the process of how to find a home care provider in 5 simple steps. Use the infographic below to help guide your search for in-home care in Sacramento,‌ ‌CA‌.

An infographic giving steps to finding a home care provider

Remember that there’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice – it comes down to choosing a provider that you feel comfortable with and who’s capable of meeting your specific needs. No matter which provider you choose, you should always have a formal arrangement with your expectations and the payment rate in writing. Doing so will prevent confusion or potential disagreements down the line so that the focus remains on helping the person receiving care.

IV. Home Care Resources for Seniors in Sacramento,‌ ‌CA‌ ‌

Ethel MacLeod Hart Senior Center

What You Should Know
A project of the city of Sacramento, The Ethel McLeod Hart Senior Center offers a variety of in person and virtual programs for seniors who are aging in place. Its “Great Plates Delivered” program delivers restaurant-prepared meals to seniors who are homebound.

The Hart Senior Center sponsors a yearly conference called “Our Life Stories,” which is a workshop for seniors who are interested in writing about their lives. It also hosts a variety of resources about writing on its website. Minimal fees may be charged for some programs.

Who Is Eligible?
The Ethel MacLeod Hart Senior Center’s programs are open to anyone in the Sacramento area aged 50 and older.

How to Get Started
You can find out more about available programs by visiting the Ethel MacLeod Hart Senior Center website or by calling (916) 808-5462. The center is located at 915 27th St., Sacramento, CA 95816.

Area Agencies on Aging/Area4

What You Should Know
The Area Agency on Aging/Area 4 serves seniors in Sacramento and much of the surrounding areas. The agency’s programs include CalFresh, which provides food benefits to low-income seniors and their caregivers. Caregivers Respite is a program that allows caregivers to pursue personal or recreational activities by allowing them to drop off a senior in their care at a local senior center or have a volunteer visit them in their home. The agency’s Health Insurance Counseling program provides seniors with assistance applying for Medicare, Medicaid or Medicare Advantage programs.

Who Is Eligible?
Programs run by the AAA/Area 4 are open to seniors age 60 and older. Some programs have financial or availability limitations. Minimal fees are charged for some programs.

How to Get Started
You can learn more about the Agency’s programs, services and resources for seniors by visiting their website or calling them at (916) 486-1876. Their offices are located at 1401 El Camino Ave., 4th floor, Sacramento, CA, 95815

Safe at Home Program

What You Should Know
The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) offers numerous programs to help seniors and low-income individuals in the Sacramento area. This includes the Safe at Home program, which teams with partner organization, Rebuilding Together, to provide repairs and minor modifications, including home energy conservation repairs, to eligible individuals.

Who Is Eligible?
Seniors and other individuals who own their own homes and meet financial guidelines are eligible. Repairs are done by trained volunteers. There is normally a three to four-week wait.

How to Get Started
To find out more about the program or to get an application, visit the Rebuilding Together website. If you have any questions about the program, call Julie at (916) 455-1880. You can also mail a completed application to Rebuilding Together, P.O. Box 255584, Sacramento, CA 95825.

2-1-1 Sacramento/Seniors

What You Should Know
2-1-1 Sacramento/Seniors is a free, confidential information and referral service that is available 24/7. Its website offers a plethora of links to important resources available to seniors in the Sacramento area, including links to housing programs, nutrition services, senior centers, health services and legal aid for seniors.

Tele-interpretation is available so that seniors who speak one of over 200 languages can be assisted. The service works with a database of almost 1,600 nonprofit and public agency programs.

Who Is Eligible?
Anyone can take advantage of 2-1-1 Sacramento services, but its seniors’ section is designed for older residents of Sacramento or their caregivers.

How to Get Started
You can visit the 2-1-1 Sacramento website to discover more about its services, or call (800) 500-4931 or (916) 498-1000. You can also find out more by emailing the organization at [email protected].

City of Sacramento Community Resources

What You Should Know
The city of Sacramento offers a variety of programs for older residents. These programs include information and resources about meal programs and local food pantries, transportation assistance for older seniors who may not be able to use public transit and guidance on receiving financial breaks on utilities or basic phone service.

The senior section on the city’s website also offers resources for legal aid for seniors, emergency food help, health issues and employment.

Who Is Eligible?
Eligibility for the various programs varies. Some programs are available to seniors as young as 50, while others are only available to those 75 and over. Some programs also feature financial limitations. More information on eligibility can be found on each program’s website

How to Get Started
Visit the senior resources section of the city of Sacramento’s website to find out more information about the many programs and resources available to seniors in Sacramento, or contact Rhonda Moody, Social Services Program Coordinator, at (916) 818-5462.