I. What You Should Know About Home Care in Nashua, NH

Home to beautifully maintained parks, classic New England architecture and cultural attractions, Nashua offers an inviting backdrop for retirement. It has a large senior community that makes up nearly 17% of the city’s 90,000 residents, promoting access to amenities such as the active senior center, age-friendly recreational opportunities and health care services. Two hospitals, including Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital, are located in the city, offering a combined total of nearly 400 beds and a full range of primary and specialty services. Health care costs in this city are about 5% lower here than in the typical U.S. city, benefiting seniors and those managing chronic conditions.

Nashua features generally comfortable weather throughout the year, with particularly pleasant summers. However, seniors who don’t prefer to drive in icy conditions may benefit from making transportation arrangements during the winter months. Property and violent crime are relatively uncommon here, making it a good option for seniors who live alone. With these benefits, it’s not surprising that many Nashua seniors opt to stay in their homes with the help of in-home care.

II. What You Should Expect to Pay for Home Care in Nashua, NH

According to the Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey, monthly home care services in Nashua cost $6,149. This includes nonmedical services such as companionship and personal care. Home health care, which includes skilled nursing services, is a little more expensive at $6,178 per month. By comparison, home care rates in New Hampshire as a whole are about $140 less at $6,006 per month, but home health care is slightly costlier at $6,197. Nationally, respective rates are considerably lower at $4,957 and $5,148.

These rates are based on 44 hours of weekly care at an hourly rate of $32.25 for home care and $32.40 for home health care. Your care costs may differ depending on your needs.

The Cost of Home Care & Home Health Care in Nearby Cities

Seniors in Nashua pay $6,149 for home care and $6,178 for home health care, making it a relatively expensive option for home-based services. Seniors in Boston, MA, pay slightly higher rates of $6,292 for home care and $6,244 for home health care. In Portland, ME, home care costs are hundreds/4 of dollars lower at $5,840, but home health care is comparably priced at $6,101. In Burlington, monthly care costs are considerably more affordable, with seniors paying $5,720 for both levels of care.

The Cost of Home Care Compared to Other Senior Living Options

Home care agencies in Nashua charge $6,149 for nonmedical services, such as help with bathing and meal preparation, and agencies that provide skilled nursing services charge $6,178 for care. This is costlier than adult day care, which comes in at $1,625, but it’s affordable compared to residential options. Seniors in assisted living facilities pay $8,061, about $1,900 more than home care, and nursing home rates start at $11,285, nearly double the cost of in-home care.

Note: Data for Nashua was unavailable, so data for the nearest city, Manchester, was used instead.

III. How to Find Home Care in Nashua, NH

Finding a home care provider for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we explain the process of how to find a home care provider in 5 simple steps. Use the infographic below to help guide your search for in-home care in Nashua, NH.

An infographic giving steps to finding a home care provider

IV. Home Care Resources for Seniors in Nashua, NH

Meals on Wheels of Hillsborough County

What You Should Know
The Meals on Wheels of Hillsborough County operates several programs to promote food security for older adults in Nashua. It oversees community dining sites throughout the region where older adults enjoy congregate meals and social opportunities, and it administers the Dine Out Club program, which provides low-cost vouchers for participating restaurants in the region. It also provides home-delivered meals for older adults unable to shop for or prepare meals themselves.

Who Is Eligible?
To be eligible for Meals on Wheels, you must live within Hillsborough County, and you must be at least 60 years old. Participants who can obtain and prepare meals themselves, including those in the Dine Out Club program, are ineligible for home-delivered meals through this program. Meals on Wheels is available to all qualified seniors, regardless of their income.

How to Apply
You can arrange for your home-delivered meals by filling out and submitting the online referral form or by calling the office at (603) 424-9967. When scheduling your meals, ensure that you will be at home and available to answer the door during the delivery period.

ServiceLink of Hillsborough County

What You Should Know
ServiceLink of Hillsborough County is the designated Area Agency on Aging for the Nashua region. This nonprofit organization partners with service providers in the region to administer free and low-cost services to older adults in the region. Through this agency, you can arrange in-home care, home-delivered meals and transportation services. The agency also has case managers and options counselors who help you identify services and programs that may help you remain in your own home.

Who is Eligible?
Programs and services through ServiceLink are available to all Nashua residents aged 60 and over. Depending on the program you apply for, you may need to meet additional requirements related to your income or functional needs.

How to Apply
To apply for these programs, you can contact the ServiceLink main office at (603) 644-2240. The office is open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can email the agency outside normal business hours at [email protected].

Property Tax Exemption

What You Should Know
Seniors in Nashua may be eligible for the Elderly Exemption, which can reduce their property taxes and enable them to afford to remain in their homes. Depending on your age, you may be able to reduce up to $280,000 from your home’s assessed value and only pay taxes on the remainder.

Who is Eligible?
To qualify for the Elderly Exemption, on April 1, you must be at least 65 years old, own your home and live in it as your primary residence and have lived in New Hampshire for at least three consecutive years. Whether you’re single or married, your household income must not exceed $50,000, and you must not have more than $150,000 in assets, not including your primary residence. Your application, as well as all necessary documents, must be submitted by April 15.

How to Apply
To apply for the Elderly Exemption, you must print and fill out Form PA-29, making sure to sign and date the form. The form must be submitted to the City of Nashua Assessing Office, which is located at 229 Main Street. You can deliver the exemption form in person or mail it to PO Box 2019, Nashua, NH 03061. To get more information on the program, you can contact the office at (603) 589-3040.

Southern New Hampshire Services

What You Should Know
Southern New Hampshire Services provides financial assistance programs for older adults in Nashua, which may enable those with limited resources to remain in their homes throughout retirement. Through the Nashua office, you can apply for the Electric Energy Assistance Program and the Fuel Assistance Program, which can help you avoid service disruptions. The organization also offers the Senior Food Program, which provides supplemental food monthly to participants.

Who is Eligible?
Senior-specific programs through this organization are available to those aged 60 and over who meet income guidelines. Eligibility requirements may vary depending on the program you’re applying for.

How to Apply
To obtain services through SNHS, you can contact the Nashua Resource Center at (603) 889-3440.

City of Nashua Welfare Department

What You Should Know
The Welfare Department provides financial assistance for qualified individuals in Nashua. Through this program, older adults can apply for disability grants, nutrition assistance and home care services. It also provides referrals for community-based services that may help older adults remain in their own homes.

Who is Eligible?
Benefits through the Welfare Department are available to income-qualified individuals who live within the city. To determine eligibility, a case technician conducts a home visit and helps you compile the necessary documentation.

How to Apply
To apply for services, you must visit the office in person to pick up an application. At this time, an intake worker will schedule an in-home assessment.